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Freestyle Libre 3
Libre 3, the Next-Gen CGM

Dexcom G7


Frustrated with the 1-800 numbers? We hear you!

DF&S was formed to give diabetics a better option. We utilize an unrivaled, concierge-style approach to provide our customers with the diabetic lifestyle management supplies they need. To learn more about the DF&S story, our concierge-style approach, and our founder click the link below.

DF&S is proud to offer the latest versions of the leading CGM systems: FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom.

With their FDA-approval, Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) revolutionized diabetes management. Studies show that CGMs can reduce A1C levels, provide better glycemic control, and supply physicians with more data to make better-informed treatment decisions.


Freestyle Libre 3


Dexcom G7

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Speak with your doctor to learn if a CGM is the right diabetes management tool for you.

Important Note

Diabetic Footwear & Supply (DF&S) is purely a Medicare provider selling diabetic lifestyle management products. Unfortunately, we do not accept payments through HMO insurance policies or Medicare complete plans.

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Whether you are a diabetic, a diabetic caregiver, or a medical professional, I encourage you to reach out directly. The DF&S family looks forward to serving you.